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Kash Top up Flow

Your KASH account is running low on funds? Not to worry, you can conveniently top up your account via online through internet banking / credit card or offline through cash deposits.

Top up through online channels

Online top up can be done through Webcash partner banks below. Online top up to your account will be updated immediately.

How can I make an Online Top Up?

Log on to KASH portal

On the left side menu, click Kash Card Top up

Enter the Top up amount, select Top up option and click SUBMIT

Check the Top up amount and click CONFIRM to proceed

Upon confirmation, Webcash Payment Gateway will be displayed.

Select your preferred internet banking account or credit card for real time top up. Our internet banking and credit card options includes Bank Islam, CIMBClicks, Hong Leong Bank,,, AffinBank, Alliance Online, RHBNow, AmBank, Bank Rakyat, UOB, Bank Muamalat,, Visa and MasterCard.

Click 'Connect to CIMBClicks' (If you select CIMB as your payment option)
Note: Online payment using Internet Banking and Credit Card require your browser popup blocker to be disabled.

Follow the selected bank’s instructions to proceed with the top up transaction

1. Log in to your internet banking account.
2. Continue with your transaction.
3. Return to Kash.

Once top up successfully completed, please click the button 'Redirect to Account Summary'

Top up amount successfully credited in your Kash Account.