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KA$H Card Features

KA$H portal allows users to check their balance, view their earned accumulated points and even transaction details in real-time! KA$H also comes in the form of a mobile app, it is a free download and it syncs with the KA$H portal to access your account information anywhere, and anytime. Members are also able to use the app to make payments in replacement of their cards, via a QR (Quick Responds) code. The app is protected by the member’s login and password.

We have a special KA$H feature called "LinkMe". Members can link one or several supplementary accounts to their account. With “LinkMeKA$H members can transfer cash back and forth among their supplementary accounts or instruct the system to transfer a fix amount weekly or monthly to specific supplementary accounts. This enhances the convenience concept further.

Funds can also be transferred from card to card with our mobile apps or through our KA$H Portal. Points, can be either redeemed for products at a discounted price or points for cash which will be credited back to your KA$H account.