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Benefits of KA$H CARD


Reliable & trustable system to protect your interest.

Protected by your Personal PIN, no one will have access to your account and personal information. Lost your card? All you need to do is call our hotline, report your case, purchase a new card and your balance will be transferred to your new card.


Providing you with a robust payment environment to maximise efficiency.

No coins? Long queues? With KA$H payment, all these worries are history.  Out of credit? You can always top-up online, or check your balance, accumulated points and even your transactions, all in real time!

Forgot your card? No worries, you can always download our app and still make a purchase via the scanner attached to the terminals.

KA$H also has a principle and supplementary system called "LinkMe" that allows you to transfer cash back and forth. This enhances the convenience concept further with your family and friends.



Experience a simple and enjoyable purchasing experience like no other.

Designed to be simplistic and easy to use coupled with exciting activities planned to bring on the fun; KA$H members have opportunities to experience concerts and meet and greet artists. Members can even participate in online contests to win prizes like holiday trips, or even the latest mobile gadgets and more.



Cash back or redemptions, your choice. This is the first prepaid cash card that rewards you for your purchases.

There will be points earned for transactions made through KA$H payment.

Points, can be either redeemed for products at a discounted price or points for cash which will be credited back to your KA$H account.

This will make KA$H payment the only Pre-paid payment solution with a reward scheme.