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  • " Bayaran dengan KA$H kini sungguh mudah dan cepat. Tambahan pula saya dapat mata ganjaran dengan pembelian saya menggunakan KA$H. "- Farah, SHAH ALAM
  • " Now I can skip queue at KFC thanks to Kash Card, wonderful! "- Shirley Lam, JOHOR BAHRU
About VirtualFlex and KA$H payment

Introducing KA$H, a revolutionary pre-paid payment solution, brought to you by VirtuaFlex Sdn. Bhd. VirtualFlex is a fully owned subsidiary of Johor Corporation. KA$H card is a “hybrid card” that can be used in retail environments and in the near future, parking and transportation. It is the first of its kind, made up of a secured Magnetic Strip at the back of the card, an EMV (Euro, MasterCard, Visa) grade secured chip, and coupled with a contactless antenna for fast payment environments such as car parks or even the mass rapid transit ( MRT ) and buses. This card can also be used as a multi purpose card in corporations, universities, colleges or even schools. KA$H can be a door access card, cash card, library card, student ID; all in one.

KA$H is not just available for "Brick-and-Mortar" merchants, but you will soon discover that KA$H will be made available as a payment option for e-commerce sites. We will be offering KA$H payments for e-commerce portals as well as mobile e-commerce.

KA$H is not subjected to limitations such as age or citizenship. We do not require any supporting documents to register for an account. Basically, anyone and everyone can register for a KA$H account.

Protected by a personal PIN number, similar to the Bank’s ATM security process, the card doesn’t store any physical cash value. All cash balance and member’s information are stored in KA$H back-end system and can only be accessed by the account owner’s Personal PIN or Login using Username and Password. This means that if a member loses his or her card, their cash balance is safe. Just call KA$H hotline, report the case, purchase a new card, and the previous balance will be transferred to the new card and the lost card will be cancelled.